Is rebirth real?

Is "birth" actual? Yes, of course. We see people being born every day. Some are born blind, some are healthy, some are in wealthy families, and some are in terrible poverty. Is it luck, coincidence, or coincidence? What is the cause of childbirth? The situation of our birth is not a matter of chance and is not under the control of God. There are specific universal laws that govern the universe. The Earth rotates once every 24 hours and revolves around the sun for 365 days 1⁄4 days.


Everything we throw in the air will return to Earth by gravity. We cannot prove these universal laws, but we conclude they exist. Therefore, we can undoubtedly conclude by inferring that the laws of behavior and reaction, the laws of causality, and the laws of karma also exist. When sowing seeds, cut them. Playback is the only way to do karma.


What is Death

Death is a reality. Indeed, everything and everyone has to die. But the dead have accomplished certain acts. These have to be paid. But humans are no longer "no longer," and the body is losing life before us. What we are unaware of is that only the body dies. Living person, spirit, and the ego- 'I' depart. Shouldn't we say, "he's dead, moved on, or left?" Where did the person go, and how does the person resolve unexplained past behavior? The answer is simple through playback.


Past lives

Though it is rare, some people do recollect their past lives suddenly. Reborn spirits and the reborn ego carry a flash of memory, and people remember their past lives. Many of these cases have been the subject of research at universities worldwide. However, they have not yet created a clear explanation of how this happens.


Who are we

Who are we? We live as body, mind, ego, and soul. The body is physical and physical. It comprises five elements: the Earth, water, air, fire, and the universe. When you die, all five aspects collapse and return to their original state. The living me, spirit, and ego must explain past actions according to the law and are reborn according to their karma. The soul is the power that gives us life. This power of God is in us from birth to death. Unfortunately, we haven't seen any truth to this. If you want to be free from sadness and sadness, and if you want to overcome your fears and worries, you must realize the truth of reincarnation.


How to escape from rebirth

As long as we are shaking karma, we must return to atone for past actions. However, there are ways to avoid playback. Those who embark on the ultimate purpose of life find that we are not the body, mind, and ego. Therefore, our actions are not our actions. They are not our karma. We are just musical instruments that act in the name of God. For such realized people, there is no karma and, as a result, no rebirth. All the karma that has been passed down in many of our past lives melts and disappears the moment we realize the truth that we are the soul of God, not the ego, mind, or body. This understanding will lead us to the ultimate goal of life, Moksha, Nirvana.