Benefits of Worshipping Murugan on Tuesdays

 Murugan, the son of Shiva and Parvathi and the brother of Ganesha, is a very important deity for Tamils, as he is the patron god of Tamil Nadu. He has many names – Skanda, Kumara, Subramanian, Arumughan, Kartikeyan, etc.

Murugan is a very handsome god who exudes a boyish charm and whose face is as radiant as a full moon.


Murugan was born to fulfill a divine mission. A demon named Taraka, along with his brothers, Surapadman and Simhamukhan, was causing a lot of problems for the Devas. Taraka had a boon by which he could be killed only by the son of Shiva. Shiva had no children, and moreover, he was in deep meditation after his wife, Sati, died. So Taraka thought he was invincible. But the Devas were able to bring Shiva out of his trance with the help of Kama Deva, the god of love, and get him to marry Parvati. It was after this that Murugan was born. He became the commander of the gods and defeated the demons in a fierce battle.


Murugan is also known as ‘Deva Senapati’ and ‘Yuddharanga.’ He is the god of war. He possessed great strength and combat skills. He was a symbol of perfection. Fearless and intelligent, he excelled in the art of war.


Murugan has 2 consorts – Valli and Deivanai.



Murugan is depicted holding a Vel (spear) and riding a peacock.


The Vel represents Kundalini Shakti. He also carries a small flag with the image of a rooster. As per mythology, Taraka was defeated by Murugan. Taraka, who represents the ego, became a rooster after his defeat. Murugan spared his life and told him to ask for a boon. Taraka wanted to be at the feet of Murugan always, so Murugan made him the emblem on his flag. This implies that the ego has to be kept under control, or it will cause problems in life.


Murugan Worship on Tuesday

Devotees of Murugan believe that Tuesdays are very auspicious for worshipping him. Tuesday is associated with the planet Mars, which is the god of war. Murugan is the overlord of Mars; hence Hindus worship Murugan on Tuesdays.


They observe fast on Shasti tithi (the 6th day of the waning and waxing lunar fortnight) and Tuesdays to honor Murugan. This can boost Mars in a person’s birth chart.


Mars is a malefic planet in Vedic astrology. People fear Mars as it can cause many problems in life, like fights, arguments, accidents, injuries, marital and relationship problems, money problems, etc. It is a warrior-like planet, cruel, violent, and aggressive. Kuja (Mars) Dosha is a much-feared Dosha in astrology.


But worshipping Murugan on Tuesdays calms Mars and reduces the negative effects of Mars in a person’s life.


How to Worship Murugan on Tuesdays?

Draw a star kolam at the house entrance in the morning and invite the deity to your house.


Clean the house the day before (Monday) and decorate the idol or photo or Murugan with flowers and garlands.


Offer Panchamirtham or sweets as Naivedyam.


Observe a fast if possible. It can be a complete or partial fast. Fruits and milk can be consumed if it’s a partial fast.


Visit the Murugan temple and offer prayers.


The Power of Karungali Vel and Karungali Murugan Worship

Karungali is a tree with many medicinal properties. It has astrological significance as well and is believed to effect positive changes in the lives of people. Karungali can supposedly attract electrical radiations and waves from space and the surrounding atmosphere.


One can get Karungali Vel (spear made of Karungali wood) in shops that sell devotional products. Vel is the divine weapon of Murugan, given to him by Parvati to defeat the demons.


Karungali Vel has the power to remove evil powers around it. So those who live near it will be protected from harm.


Their enemies will not be able to harm them, and their business can see growth.


One can keep Karungali Vel in the Pooja room at home, the office, the factory, and other places.


Wake up before sunrise, take a bath, and worship the Karungali Vel.


There are many benefits to worshipping the Karungali Vel daily.


It can remove nameless fears and bestow courage and eloquence.


It can block negative thoughts.


It can remove the evil eye (drishti) and planetary Doshas.


It protects you from infectious diseases.


Karungali vel and maala, Karungali Murugan statue, Karungali stick, and other products made of Karungali can energize your body and mind as well as your surroundings.


Benefits of Worshipping Murugan on Tuesdays

It strengthens Mars in the person’s birth chart.


It helps solve relationship issues.


It helps preserve youth and vitality.


It can mitigate menopause-related problems for women.


It can reduce the negative effects of Sarpa Dosha, Naga Dosha, Kuja Dosha, Boomi Dosha, etc.


It can improve your health and vitality.


If you have the above doshas, you can observe a Vrat on Tuesdays. There are three types of Vrat for pleasing Muruga.


Weekly Vrat – Observe this vrat every Tuesday of the week.


Star Vrat -This vrat should be observed on Karthigai star day.


Tithi Vrat: Observe this vrat during Shasti Tithi.


Read the Kandha Shasti Kavasam and Kandha Guru Kavasam when worshipping Muruga on Vrat days. After 6 pm, visit the Murugan temple to offer prayers and complete the vrat.


If you follow the vrat for 9 Tuesdays, the negative effects of Kuja Dosha will reduce completely. If you follow the vrat during Tuesdays of Aadi month, marriage-related delays can be removed.


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