Vasavi Jayanthi 2024 Dates , Time and Its Story

Goddess Vasavi Devi is a Living Goddess. Also called Kanyaka Parameshwari, she is hailed as the Supreme Protectress, Compassionate Mother, the Guardian of Women, and Wish-Fulfiller of the present epoch, Kali Yuga.

Believed as the virgin incarnation of the Supreme Primordial Goddess Adi Parashakti, she stands for beauty, courage, intellect, wisdom, and peace. And she possesses in her the Ashta Shaktis, the powers of knowledge, manifestation, desire, tranquility, devotion, righteousness, detachment, and liberation.    

Holy texts like Vasavi Purana claim that she was born out of the Putrakameshti Yagnya, the Sacrificial Fire for the Offspring Boon, and has the combined powers of Trimurtis, the 3 Supreme Gods, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

She is said to have descended on earth on Vaishakh Shukla Paksha Dasami, the 10th Lunar Day of the Waxing Moon phase in the month of Vaishak (April-May). She came principally to overcome the haughty and arrogant king Vishnu Vardhana, not through conflicts and war, but only through non-violence and supreme self-sacrifice, and stayed away from desires and pleasures, and devoted her life to serving people, propagating women's welfare, and championing the cause of non-violence, peace, self-preservation, and righteousness.  

Vasavi Devi's day of advent on earth is marked as Vasavi Jayanthi, and Vasavi Jayanthi 2024 falls on May 18, 2024, this year.  

Before we observe Vasavi Jayanthi 2024 and seek her blessings, let us learn briefly about the legend surrounding her.

The Legend of Vasavi

There is an interesting mythology behind Goddess Vasavi's birth and life.

King Kusuma Shreshti and his queen Kusumamba were without issues. Pining for progeny, they performed a Fire Sacrifice as per their Guru's advice and, as a result, obtained progeny blessings in the form of twins, Virupaksha and Vasavamba.

Right from her childhood, Vasavamba remained an extraordinary girl, greatly interested in spiritual and philosophical aspects and with no leaning towards material things and worldly pleasures.  

While she grew up to be a beautiful maiden, Vishnu Vardhana, the powerful emperor ruling over that region, got smitten by her charm and made his intention to marry her, clear. The fact that he was much older than her and also already married didn't deter him from trying to materialize his desire.

But being the spiritual entity she was, Vasavamba was not at all interested in marriage, even to an emperor, and said so in no uncertain terms. But this didn't go well with Vishnu Vardhana, who then decided to carry her away by force!      

It then became a question of a bitter conflict, so her father, King Kusuma Shreshti, conferred with his 18 city chiefs and 714 Gotra chiefs. But the majority of the Gotra chiefs didn't favor standing up to Vishnu Vardhana and incurring his wrath. But 102 of them held their self-respect dear, decided to stand by their king, and refused to compromise with the aggressor.

Supported by these 102 loyal chiefs, the king made preparations for the defense of his kingdom.

However, his young daughter Vasavi had other ideas and declared that the issue should be resolved only by peaceful means and self-sacrifice, and there should be no war and bloodshed.       

Then she directed people to prepare 103 fire pits at Brahmakund, on the Godavari river bank and asked the couples from these 102 Gotras to jump into the fire and offer self-sacrifice.  

Then, as requested by them, Vasavi showed them her true self by appearing in her incredible form. Declaring herself to be Mother Goddess Adi Parashakti manifestation, she asserted that she came to earth to establish Dharma, protect women, and also to destroy Vishnu Vardhana through non-violence and sacrifice.   

Then Vasavi vanished into the fire pit, followed by the couples of 102 Gotras, who offered themselves to the fire and did a self-sacrifice!

Vishnu Vardhana, marching with his army towards Brahmakund, heard about the breathtaking incident of Vasavi Devi disappearing in the fire pit and 103 couples performing the self-sacrifice. The very next moment, he fell from his seat, vomited blood, and met his end.  

It is said that the descendants of these 102 Gotras who entered the fire then and sacrificed themselves are still present in the form of the Vysya community.  

Vasavi Jayanthi 2024 Blessings

People can propitiate Goddess Vasavi on May 18, Vasai Jayanthi 2024, and receive her blessings for all 8 types of wealth, fulfillment of sincere desires, relief from enemy threats, relationship boons, peace, joy, and salvation.  

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