Vastu Tips 2023 For Constructing Your Main Door

 Building a home of one’s own is a cherished dream for all. We work hard and save enough money for it because we want it to be the best. We buy fancy furniture and other accessories to make it elegant and beautiful so that the guests will admire it and praise our good taste. But few people give great importance to the main door of the house.

 They tend to give more importance to what is inside the house. But actually, the main door of the house carries all kinds of energies that can be positive and negative. Indeed, as per Vastu Shastra, the main entrance is a gateway for people as well as energy to enter and exit the house. So when constructing the main door, one has to be careful.


The main door's direction should be such that good fortune and happiness can enter the residence. Many people do follow Vastu principles when building a house, but they tend to ignore the main door, thinking that it has no importance. But if there is a Vastu defect in the main door, the person will face many obstacles. If the main gate has no Vastu flaws, they won’t lack money and grains in their life.


The main entrance may be different for people who live in apartments and those who live in independent houses. Apartments usually have one door, while bungalows or large houses can have 2 entrances. One is usually an iron gate, while the other may be a wooden door.


Here are some Vastu tips to keep in mind when building the main door.


Vastu Tips  for Main Door


1) Some doors make a sound when you open or close them. This is okay for iron gates, but your main door (wooden) must not make a thumping sound when you open or close it. Some amount of noise is fine. But it should not be jarring to the ears. It must not be a creaking sound, either. Creaking sounds can spread negative energy in all directions.


2) The main door should not open outside. It must always open towards the inside. If the main door opens outside, it will sweep all the positive energies away from the house.


3) The main door should not rub against the floor and make a sound. This can spread negativity in all parts of the house. Get a small strip of the door chopped off from the bottom to solve the issue.


4) Ensure that the reflection of a tree or a pole does not fall on the main door, as it can spread negativity and depression.


5) Avoid having dustbins, broken furniture, or any unwanted stuff around your main door. This spreads negativity in your house.


6) Paint the main door of the house in earthy colors like brown, yellow, or grey. It creates positivity. Avoid black, bright orange, pink, purple, or red colors, as they spread negativity. Also, the main door should be in a straight shape. It should not be built in a zig-zag manner.


7) Keep the main door open for a while in the morning and evening. This will bring in some fresh air as well as positive energies into your home. Close the door when it gets dark outside. Don’t open it until sunrise the next day.


8) As per Vastu, the direction of the main door should be towards the northeast, north, east, or west. These directions are auspicious. The main door must not be in the South-West, South, North-West (North-facing), or South-East directions, as these are inauspicious.


9) A metal pyramid can be used to rectify the south or south-west door. A gate may be fixed in the north-west using a brass pyramid and brass helix, while a gate could be made in the south-east direction using a copper helix.


10) The path that leads to the main door should not be dark as it can attract negative energy and cause tension among the people who are residing in the house. Hence, light should always enter through the main door. This will also attract prosperity.


11) When constructing the main gate, ensure that it is not built in front of a T-junction or T-intersection. If you do so, more negative energies will enter the house.


12) The main door's position should not be in the middle of the house.


13) There should be no shadow at the entrance of the house. Pillars, trees, or other things should not be toward the main door.


14) The main door should not be connected to the ground. The number of stairs should be odd - 3, 5, 7, 11, etc. 15) Do not have a staircase or a lift in front of the main door. This will attract more negative energy into the house.

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