Relevance of Kundali Reading for Marriages

 What is Kundali?

Kundali refers to the birth chart or horoscope in Vedic astrology. It is based on the positions of planets, stars, and the moon at the time of birth. At the time of a person’s birth, certain celestial bodies preside in the sky. The Kundali is but a map of the sky at the time of your birth. It shows the positions of planets and birth stars or Nakshatras in the sky at this time. These planets and other celestial bodies and their positions in the 12 astrological houses of the horoscope influence every aspect of one’s life, including marriage.

Kundali Reading is the analysis and interpretation of the Kundali by an astrologer. This reveals important information on all aspects of the native’s life, like wealth, health, education, career, love, marriage, progeny, business, investments, etc. Based on the Kundali, the astrologer makes predictions about the native’s personality and the events in their life. If the native is facing problems, the astrologer also offers suitable solutions and remedies based on the Kundali. A Kundali Reading helps map out the native’s life from Infancy to death.

Kundali Reading for Marriage

Kundali Reading for marriage is also called Kundali Matching. Kundali Matching is a tool used by Vedic astrologers to see if two people can have a happy and enduring marriage. They use the birth charts of the man and woman and compare them, using various parameters. This helps them to arrive at a conclusion regarding the compatibility of the couple and the viability of their marriage. Kundali Matching also helps to identify areas of conflict between the couple which can threaten the stability of their marriage. Based on this information, appropriate solutions can be found, especially if there are any Doshas or afflictions in the horoscopes.

Kundali Reading is a crucial factor for a successful marriage. It provides insight into the problems that the couple may face in married life and helps them to be prepared.

Significance of Kundali Reading for Marriages

Even before a marriage alliance is fixed, families need to be convinced that the marriage between the couple in question will succeed. It is astrology that gives the families involved this assurance. Even in a love marriage, Kundali Reading is relevant because the couple may not be aware of the astrological factors that can pose obstacles and problems in their lives together after marriage.

For instance, a few years after marriage, the couple may face health or financial problems that can affect their relationship. It is also possible that one of the partners may have an extramarital affair. Other problems include family interference, addictions, bad habits, etc. When the couple is aware of the pitfalls that lie ahead, they will be able to make the necessary course corrections in life. In some cases, where the Dosha or affliction in the Kundali is too severe, they can also decline the proposal or perform remedies, if any.  

Once the couple is informed of the negative factors that can come into play, they can follow the remedies and solutions suggested by the astrologer to nullify them. Some of the major problems are ill health, misfortune, lack of progeny, extramarital affairs, etc.

In arranged marriages, Kundali Reading becomes even more relevant, as the boy and girl may not know one another well. Through Kundali Reading, the couple and their families will be able to know if the couple is compatible and if their marriage will be smooth and trouble-free. A marriage can be compared to an investment, both material and emotional. So it is in the interest of both the boy and the girl that the investment is worth it.

 Benefits of Kundali Reading for Marriage

Kundali Reading enables the girl and the boy to know each other. Through Kundali Reading, they can gain good insights into each other’s personality. This will help them decide if they can get along well with each other. The Ashtakoota system of Guna Matching helps them to find out in detail about their emotional, physical, and mental compatibility.

Indian marriages bring together two different families, and not just the couple tying the knot. Kundali Reading can reveal a lot of information about the relationship between the boy/girl and their in-laws. If the relationship is not good, it spells trouble for the marriage, as there can be family interference in the affairs of the couple. In most Indian marriages, the woman lives with her husband’s family, though sometimes the couple can form a nuclear family. So, if the girl and her in-laws have a troubled relationship, it can cause problems in her marital relationship, too.

Kundali Reading can also tell if the marriage will lead to the overall prosperity and well-being of the family. Some people also do Kundali Reading to see if the bride will bring good fortune to the husband and her in-laws. 

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