The Meanings of Lucky Moles on the Female Body

 Many people have moles on their bodies. These are small brown or black spots and are also called birthmarks. Vedic astrologers use these unique birthmarks to predict the traits of people and the events that can occur in their lives.

Moles can bring good luck or misfortune. The size, color, and placement on the body determine the meaning of moles. For instance, a mole on the chin indicates tenacity and determination, while a mole on the leg suggests a bold and extrovert nature.

Moles, according to astrology, reflect the past life karma of a person, good or bad. Very small moles do not have a great impact on your life. A large, circular mole is very lucky in mole astrology.

A square mole is said to indicate unpredictable behavior. A triangle-shaped mole on any part of the body indicates conflicting outcomes. Both positive and negative things may occur in your life. A zigzag mole is unfavorable, but a mole that is spherical in shape signifies goodness and nobility in the person.

A light-colored mole (honey, scarlet, emerald green, or sandalwood) indicates pleasant times and positive outcomes. A dark mole indicates bad luck and tragedy. There may be challenges and obstacles in life.

Most moles are flat, but a few may stick out. Expect good things if the mole is flesh-colored and tends to protrude or stick out. Results may be conflicting with flat moles.

This article talks about the meanings of moles on a female’s face and body and the lucky moles on a female body. 

Lucky Moles on Female Body Meaning


Below is a list of the lucky moles on the female body and their meanings.


Lucky Mole on the Forehead

A mole on the forehead of a woman reveals confidence and success. It says that you will achieve success and fame with your self-confidence and efforts. If there is a mole on the median line of the forehead, it means you have great confidence, and you may go abroad.


Lucky Mole on the Eyebrows

Females who have moles in between their eyebrows are quite lucky. They will be rich and wealthy. They will also have the wisdom and maturity to do the right things in any situation.


Lucky Mole on the Chin

Moles on the chin spell good fortune. Females with this mole may be blessed with all the comforts and pleasures of life. But they may not be very sociable and tend to stay alone or with their family or close friends.


Lucky Mole on the Right or Left Eyebrow

A mole on the right or left eyebrow of a woman means that they will make a lot of money. They will never lack money. However, they may spend lavishly.


Lucky Mole on the Right or Left Eyeball

If there is a mole on the woman’s right or left eyeball, then she will be calm and intelligent. She will be a wealthy and dependable person. A mole on any of the eyeballs is also considered a sign of a good marriage. It may mean that she will marry a rich man.


Lucky Mole on the Ears

A mole on the ear s considered to be very lucky. Females who have moles on the ear will be very fortunate and intelligent. They will make quick decisions. If a female has moles on both ears, she will have a comfortable and luxurious life. She may influence others with ease and make a good impression on them. These moles are also good for marriage. Moles on a woman’s left ear indicate a happy married life.


Lucky Mole on the Edge of the Eye

A mole on the outer edge of a woman's eye is very fortunate. It means that she will accumulate wealth and have many friends.


Lucky Mole Below or Near the Nose Wing

If a woman has a mole near or below her nose wing, she may have a lot of money and will not have any financial problems. It indicates good wealth prospects.


Lucky Mole on the Waist

If there are moles on either side of the female’s waist, it means wealth and abundance. She may also get chances to pursue studies for a longer period.


Lucky Moles on the Cheeks

Moles on the cheeks indicate that the woman will have many friends. She will be influential and may even accomplish her aims by manipulating people. Such females like to gossip and backbite. They may face problems due to this.


Lucky Moles on the Lips

Moles on the upper lips of the women signify beauty and an attractive personality. These moles are called beauty moles. Women who have moles on the lower lips tend to be studious. They will put in hard work and achieve their goals.


Lucky Moles on the Neck

Moles on a woman’s neck indicate great patience and intelligence. She will be hard-working. She may choose a life partner who is polite and stronger. Such females will be successful if they make good plans and make sound decisions in life.


Lucky Moles on the Shoulder

These females will enjoy a luxurious and royal life. They will have a courteous and philanthropic nature. They will want to serve society and help the poor. These women should seek a partner who is stronger and has a good character.


Lucky Mole on the Feet

A mole on the right foot in a woman suggests intelligence and success in academics. She will reach great heights in education. If she has a mole on her left foot, she will be very unconventional. Her ideas and thoughts will be innovative and unique. 

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