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Shreem Brzee Impactful Mantra Benefits


Shreem Brzee is an innovative mantra gifted to humanity by Dr. Pillai to alleviate mankind from their sorrow and desperation.  Shreem is the powerful Bheeja mantra of goddess Mahalakshmi and brzee is the sound of birth. When these two combine, there is a great synergy that increases the wealth and happiness of an individual or even a nation for that matter. This mantra comes with great potential to uplift from your current situation. The positive vibrations of Shreem Brzee enable positive transformation and boost your wealth and happiness.

Significance of wealth and happiness

Wealth is very significant for life. It makes life more eventful and adds more meaning. A person needs wealth to take care of himself and his family. It helps to achieve one’s goal and realize more accomplishments. Wealth provides higher social status and acceptance to an individual and also boosts the confidence level. Moreover, when you are wealthy you can engage in philanthropic activities and serve society as a whole. If you are suffering yourself the chances of you offering a lending hand to others is very remote. The same applies to nations too, we see wealthy and powerful nations helping poor countries to climb up the ladder of development. Rich countries can help because they are wealthier. Thus, wealth keeps you self-sufficient and at the same time enables you to help others.

Similarly, happiness is key to the success of a person. A person who is not happy spreads negativity and digs his grave himself. It becomes impossible for him to come up in life. On the contrary, the happy person stays positive and spreads happiness in and around him.

Importance of Mahalakshmi

Mahalakshmi is the goddess for wealth and fortune. She is the wife of Lord Maha Vishnu, one of the powerful male trinity gods of Hinduism. Worship of Mahalakshmi has existed from time immemorial. The Varalakshmi pooja and the Lakshmi-Kubera pooja are very religiously observed by the people. People perform pooja to Mahalakshmi to improve the material status and to be blessed with good fortune. It is customary to invoke her blessings for prosperity and affluence.

Procedure to chant this Shreem Brzee

Keep your mind free from distractions, sit in relaxed position and keep your body still and think of goddess Mahalakshmi with sincerity and start chanting, “Shreem Brzee”. It is ideal to chant this sacred and powerful mantra 108 times. Gradually you will feel the bliss and witness the turnaround this sacred mantra has brought to you. We have recorded the chanting of this mantra in CDs for your assistance. If you find it difficult to chant this mantra you can play the CD and listen to the mantra.

Pillai Center and Shreem Brzee

Revealed to mankind by the renowned master of our time, Dr. Pillai, the “Shreem Brzee” mantra is god’s gift. Start its chanting and see the positive change it brings in your material status. Please check our website for more details. You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram, like and follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel to know more about the Shreem Brzee mantra.

Pillai Center’ Shreem Brzee programs

Check out Pillai Center’s upcoming Shreem Brzee programs.

1.    48-Day Daily Shreem Brzee Fire Lab For Ultimate Wealth & Abundance - Invite the energy of Shreem Brzee into your life by participating in the 48-day daily Shreem Brzee Fire Lab and ask for the gift of a new destiny aligned with abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life.

3.     Individual ShreemBrzee Fire Lab - You will have an opportunity to participate in the Fire Lab live via video streaming. Premaraja will guide you in fluent English to speak your Sankalpa or intention you would like Shreem Brzee to manifest for you, as part of the ceremony.

4.     Shreem BrzeeCommunity Chanting Call - Group meditation has been demonstrated in multiple scientific studies to have an amplification effect that benefits both the meditators and those in the local population. Join these one-hour live group meditations to collectively focus on a variety of meditation and chanting audios given by Dr. Pillai.

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